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We are committed to offering you professional spa treatment with the highest regard to hygiene and sanitation.


Susie’s NAIL SPA employs only highly trained MD State-licensed technicians. We adhere to the sterilization standards established by the Maryland Cosmetology Commission; all metal implements undergo a soak in a hospital grade disinfection solution before they are seal in envelopes and are the sterilized in our state-o f-the-art autoclave similar to those used in a dental facility.


The implements in our spa that have the potential to become contaminated that are not easily capable of being sterilized, such as nail buffer, nail files, foot files, and wax applicators, are designated for one-time-use. Please feel free to take the nail file and buffer home with you after your treatment.


At Susie’s, our exceptional staff of attentive and caring professional is genuinely dedicated to make your time spent with us both relaxing and carefree.

Your Health & Safety

Spa Etiquette

To maintain the serenity of the space, we kindly ask that you turn your cell phone to vibrate/silent upon arrival.  If possible, please refrain from using cell phones while enjoying your treatments.

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